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Final 2024 Oscar Predictions

Sunday the will mark the 96th annual Academy Awards. Many across the country will dress up, imbibe some wine, scarf down some cheese, and hopefully enjoy a great ceremony. I am here at the last minute to help you win your Oscar Poll and maybe rob you of some the uncertainty surrounding the awards. This year, like all others, there are some great races and some that have been sewn up beyond reasonable doubt for months. Unfortunately this year, the night's top prize falls into the latter category. Instead of hopeful, nervous tension as the last envelope is read, we will all but certainly be witness to Oppenheimer's coronation. What is left to be known is exactly how many total awards the film can win. That and some very intriguing best Lead Actor/Actress races to go along with a bunch of drama in the technical and writing awards. Should be a fun night over all. Last year I mentioned that I thought this was the best group of Best Picture nominees since the Academy expanded to a ma