Sunday will be the 95th time the Academy Awards will be given out. What follows is my best attempt to steal the joy of the unknown from you, as I make my Official Final 2023 Oscar Predictions. The best news is that this year has enough drama in the actual award races that it won't need any physical violence to be noteworthy (although it never hurts). Three of the four acting awards are anyone's guess and even Best Picture, which has certainly seen a frontrunner emerge in recent weeks, is still going to have its fair share of tension. I also am very pleased for a change with the overall turnout of the nominations, which means that I will likely be disappointed by the eventual winners. This is the best group of 10 for Best Picture that the academy has had since it expanded the nominations, and many of the projected winners would be fine choices. But lets find out all together on Sunday, March 12th, at 8:00 on ABC. In the meantime, check out my predictions below and be sure to bel


The 2022 film slate offered a terrific blend of thought provoking films and a return of high octane cinematic experiences. Both sides are welcomed additions to my 14th annual year-end list. Normalcy has largely been restored and the movie industry has appeared to have completely crawled out if its hole to present to us a beautiful melding of human experience as portrayed by some of the best film in recent memory. I was humbled by some of the groundbreaking and heart shattering work I saw this year. For the sake of the list, lets remember that I choose only from feature films, documentaries are not eligible, and as always, there were a few movies I would have loved to see but missed out on. So lets talk about them. My Top 10 Films of 2022. #10. TOP GUN: MAVERICK Listen, I don’t know how this movie cracked the list either. Full transparency, this list is comprised of 8 films that separated themselves from the pack that I knew had to be in here, and then as many as 10 films jockeying for


  Ryan Garasich 3/25/21   Sunday, March 27th, at 8:00 on ABC the Academy Awards will take place for the 94th time. The Super Bowl of Film and the culmination of award season is usually ripe for some shocks and surprises. Here I am to help you navigate that unknown terrain with my Official Final Oscar Prediction of 2022. This should be a fun night and, in many ways, a return to form after the calamitous Oscar production last year. Of course this year is not without its own staggering controversies. At the end of the day this is about the artists and the art, however, and this is their bright shiny moment. So tune in and enjoy it as much as you can (while you still can), and see how well I did with my guesses. Mock me or be wowed by my genius depending on how well I did.  BEST PICTURE:  Belfast CODA Don't Look Up Drive My Car Dune King Richard Licorice Pizza Nightmare Alley Power of the Dog West Side Story WILL WIN: Power of the Dog MIGHT STEAL: CODA SHOULD WIN: Power of the Dog SNUB