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The 2022 film slate offered a terrific blend of thought provoking films and a return of high octane cinematic experiences. Both sides are welcomed additions to my 14th annual year-end list. Normalcy has largely been restored and the movie industry has appeared to have completely crawled out if its hole to present to us a beautiful melding of human experience as portrayed by some of the best film in recent memory. I was humbled by some of the groundbreaking and heart shattering work I saw this year. For the sake of the list, lets remember that I choose only from feature films, documentaries are not eligible, and as always, there were a few movies I would have loved to see but missed out on. So lets talk about them. My Top 10 Films of 2022. #10. TOP GUN: MAVERICK Listen, I don’t know how this movie cracked the list either. Full transparency, this list is comprised of 8 films that separated themselves from the pack that I knew had to be in here, and then as many as 10 films jockeying for