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 Ryan Garasich 2/13/22 2021 was a terrific bounce-back year for film after an understandably weaker-than-normal yield in the pandemic ravaged 2020. From the return of adrenaline fueled blockbusters, to prestige, major studio  spectacles, to adoring small indies, to lavish and spectacular international films, this list became increasingly difficult to whittle down to 10 choices. This is a great problem to have for the audience' sake. As is always the case, there were some films I would have loved to see but was unable to, so if your favorite movie is absent from the list, just pretend that's why. Also know that this is specifically feature films and I do not include documentaries or miniseries. And now, my 13th (wow I'm getting old) annual list of the Best Movies of the Year #10 BELFAST When I first saw the Oscar buzz for Kenneth Branagh’s semi-autobiographical passion project my eyes rolled so hard they nearly detached from my brain. This is not the type of movie I typica